Today the junk haus Bought… A Vintage Don Budge Tennis Racket

I have finally found a local outdoor junk market I can hit up every weekend. There has been a flea market sized hole in my heart after leaving NY and this one is finally filling that emptiness. Last Saturday, my friend and I decided to wake up early and hit up this swap meet. I had heard about it, but the idea of waking up early on a Sunday to go to something that was hit or miss sounded like an epic fail, so weeks passed without an interest. Now, I had a reason to go: the company of a friend who enjoys perusing old junk almost as much as I do. Next thing I knew it was too early on a Sunday and my alarm was going off. He picked me up, and soon we were walking down rows and rows of junk. That is even a stretch to say. Many of the booths were filled with dirty pieces that looked as though they had come from the local Goodwill. However, if you looked hard enough, there was a lot of interesting gems. This racket called my name, and for $5, I couldn’t resist. My friend and I spent some time digging through old records that one vendor was selling for almost pennies. We laughed at the crazy “artistic” covers on the old records and the interesting food for sale. Within an hour, we had checked out pretty much everything and were ready to call it a day.

Entry fee is a $1 which is not enough to really deter anyone, because even if you don’t buy anything the people watching is pretty entertaining. Swap meets and flea markets always bring out the most interesting cast of characters. If you have free time and are in the area, check it out. You never know what you will find for 5 bucks!

Sunset Swap Meet

255 Elks Ln

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


Sundays 6 AM – 11:30 AM

Entry Fee: $1


IMG_7821 IMG_7823 IMG_7824 IMG_7826 IMG_7827

Photoshoot 4/11/14

It was a Friday afternoon and another beautiful day on the Central Coast. Serena, my dear friend, and I decided to head up to the top of Perfumo Canyon and put together a quick shoot before the sun went down. An hour and a half later we had our looks, and some great pictures to show off the clothes that I am selling on my Etsy shop. The looks I put together for Serena were feminine and fun. I wanted to recreate the landscape painting Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth as that is one of my favorite pieces. Even though we did not have a barn, we still had the view over the San Luis Obispo Valley which I think was even better. For my own shots, I wanted something more avant garde, a girl lost in the mountains with nothing but her coat, finding all sorts of interesting treasures like a pair of deer antlers. The landscape turned out to be the true centerpiece, and we were just two girls frolicking in the hills, playing dress up with fun vintage clothes. In the end, the goofy shots turned out to be the best ones because these photographs radiate happiness and freedom. That was what it was like to be on the top of that mountain. It is quite hard not to feel happy and free when you are literally on the top of world. All of these clothes are available on the shop: pink dress, antlers, long grey coat, short grey coat, bowler hat, plaid sweater, black boots, red dress, and red and white cowboy boots.

IMG_8137IMG_8141IMG_8023IMG_7888 IMG_7903 IMG_7928 IMG_7939 IMG_7946 IMG_7949 IMG_7964 IMG_8002 IMG_8009 IMG_8029 IMG_8037 IMG_8062 IMG_8082 IMG_8179

Today the junk haus Bought… A Vintage Camera, Etc

Not a day rarely goes by when I am not popping into some antique or thrift shop. Every time this happens, I have the uncanny ability to find some undiscovered gem, and having no self control, I will purchase that piece either for my home or closet or to sell on my shop. See how great it is turning your addiction into a way to make an income. Only wish I could say the same for my love of whisky. Anyways, while I was visiting home, my father decided to run errands with me. New brakes were being installed on my car, and Papa Carter and I killed time by hitting up the local thrift shops. Design & Consign was definitely worth the trip. Their store is filled with cool furniture, and interesting art. But that is just a cover for the cool knick knacks they have on their shelves and the old surfboards that unfortunately aren’t for sale. My purchases included this cool vintage Kodak camera with two extra flash attachments that the owner went into the back and dug through his boxes for. This piece reminds me of something out of 1950s Hollywood. The paparazzi would be flashing Eva Gardner while she walked the red carpet with one of these. I also scored a cute small enamel blue and white container and a cool set of drawers that is going in my personal collection for now. I am having a hard time deciding if I want to sell this beautiful old camera. There are so many on my shelves, but this one just speaks volumes with its giant flash and rust on the side. Maybe it will end up on the shop soon, or make me an offer and maybe it will be yours. Design & Consign is a great shop and the owners are down to earth and interesting. Just start talking old surfboards and you will be able to fill a Wikipedia page after you leave. When you are in Orange County, pop into Design & Consign and see what new things are in the shop.

Design & Consign

1646 Superior Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


IMG_7798IMG_7802 IMG_7799IMG_7818 IMG_7820

Haus Obsessed – Indoor String Lights

After moving into an apartment with only one overhead bulb in each room, I am trying to invent new ways to light up the space, especially the bedroom. At night, I enjoy reading books to help fall asleep. Unfortunately, I have to get out of bed to turn off the light after I have exhausted my mind reading. So I have been pondering what is the best way to keep my warm bum in bed at the end of a marathon reading session. Thanks to Pinterest and a solid view into my neighbor’s living room (They did this.), I found a solution. By using a strand of round bulbs and hanging it from my canopy, I can have overhead light with the on off switch a short distance away. Then, at the end of the night, all I would have to do is pull out the plug instead of getting out of a cozy bed to flip a switch… and then trying to find my way back to bed without squishing my miniature dog. Here are some pictures that I found on to show my inspiration. If I get really creative, I might even string them zig zag across the ceiling, creating an ethereal bohemian bedroom. This way every night I can go to sleep in a warm bed under the stars.

f80a09640d6b0387a3c29adcb3d9949d f4dd3fde24dabac1078622d33dc17e20 80b87aba7e365dabe66ee1f80b2d1433 3dbd1ce8be5e66681c38664805f17a78 52319233de179319cf56715c2afcbd38 63c377325475f23add89ec2f1994af74 19ec736525ece0bdd83458be8dd32116 7d3712b85054653a5dcf7f0529ed5c96 50d89d69100640e6093a8c14e0680279 ca7bdf21f1d663f903b668d1f6b45f3e

Today the junk haus Bought… A Vintage Clock, etc

When people say that all antique shops are practically the same, I will argue to my death that they are not. Every new antique store is a new opportunity to find a one of a kind gem at a reasonable price. So when I walk into a shop and there are a lot of interesting pieces to catch my eye, it is definitely something to blog about. If you happen to be on the Central Coast of California looking for vintage home accessories at great prices, check out Dovetail Antiques in Atascadero. They don’t attempt to rip you off, and their inventory has a little bit of everything, so most likely you will be able to find what you want. The best part is that they have a massive garden filled with great outdoor things like enamel buckets, old horseshoes, farm windows, etc. Inside you will find an interesting selection of wall art, quite a bit of jewelry, old lighters, and interesting tools and gadgets. See below for my prized purchases. Check out the shop to find them there, if any tickle your fancy.

Dovetail Antiques

8565 El Camino Real

Atascadero, CA 93422

Mon – Sat: 11 Am – 5 Pm, Sun: 11 Am – 3:30 Pm


IMG_7640IMG_7642 IMG_7633

IMG_7648 IMG_7650 IMG_7653IMG_7627

Photo Shoot 3/22/14

Lately, due to an open schedule and an interest in photography, I have been working with some friends to take head shots and create fun photo shoots because who doesn’t like have pictures of themselves. Since I am selling antiques and vintage clothes online, good shots of my pieces are important. It is even better when I can be in the shots. These photos showcase the gems that I find and how they can translate to everyday life or a fully eccentric one.

The first look was a glamorous morning shoot. Just a girl waking up drinking coffee in a fur coat. The coat is for sale here and the cup is part of a pair for sale here.

The second look was supposed to be a simple headshot in one of my bohemian dresses for sale here. It turned into glamour shots, but those photos are equally fun to have.

The third look was a satire poking fun of the insanity of what I do, because obviously everyday I wear beaded gowns, sit in the middle of my hoards of antiques, and pet my dog as if I was Joan Crawford. In this picture you can find the sock monkey here, the porcelain hand here, and the globe in the background here. My dog, Wolfgang Benedict III, enjoyed being a part of the fun as he usually feels left out.

More shoots to come this spring, and next time not all of the shots will be of myself. A big thanks to Gabby and Madeleine of Drink Wine Sleep Naked for taking these and helping out!

IMG_7173 IMG_7195 IMG_7269 IMG_7294 IMG_7306 IMG_7329 IMG_7341 IMG_7348

Today the junk haus bought… A Pair of Silhouettes in Gold Frames

One thing I have been missing about New York City is the access to all sorts of flea markets on the weekend. Even though, I couldn’t make one every weekend, it was nice to know I had about 10 different options all within a few subway stops away. So now living in Central California, when I hear about a local antique market with food, I jump at the opportunity to peruse the endless rows of junk and taste jam because for some reason that inevitably happens. Yesterday, I drove up to Atascadero to go to the Central Coast Peddler’s Market. Making sure to arrive early enough, parking was not too horrendous. I didn’t know what to expect, and the fair was neither terrible or amazing. There were more booths than expected, but most booths were filled with items that should be for sale at a Goodwill and not a peddler’s fair. It seemed some people were selling what they had pulled out of old boxes in their garage. On the other hand, some booths were carefully curated and filled with really interesting pieces. The prices were very reasonable, and had there been more cash in my pocket, my bag would have definitely been filled with more stuff for the shop. Two items that were my finds of the day. The first was a pair of Victorian esque framed silhouettes of a horse and buggy. These adorable pieces were in great condition and would look really beautiful on either side of a door or fireplace. The second gem was a cool multicolored fur coat. This coat seemed very Kate Moss to me and when I find pieces like that, they somehow make their way into my closet.

In one hour, I tackled the market, and was heading out when I stumbled across this antique shop next door. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to really examine their inventory, but I was impressed with their collection of old electronics: phones, cameras, and typewriters, and the cheap jewelry that was in the locked cases. Until next time Atascadero. Check out my photos from the fair and the antique shop below.

Central Coast Antique Marketplace

3905 El Camino Real

Atascadero, CA


Monday – Sat 10 Am – 5 Pm, Sunday 11 Am – 4 Pm

IMG_7613 IMG_7617 IMG_7619

Images from the Peddler’s Fair:
IMG_3435 IMG_3446 IMG_3450 IMG_3447 IMG_3440IMG_3444IMG_3442


Images from the Central Coast Antique Marketplace:IMG_3454 IMG_3458IMG_3460IMG_3459

Central Coast Peddler’s Market

What are we doing this weekend? The junk haus will be stopping by the Central Coast Peddlers Market tomorrow morning. Hopefully, it will be full of unique junk for us to peruse, and even some great food and sweet treats. And don’t worry, there will be a post to come next week documenting our finds. Wish us luck!

Central Coast Peddler’s Market

3905 El Camino Real

Atascadero, CA 93422


March 29th, 8 AM – 3 PM



Haus Obsessed – Hearst Castle

If I were given the opportunity to live in my dream house, I think Hearst Castle might be it, just to be able to swim in the gorgeous blue Roman Pool. This magical palace sits atop the hill like a God in the heavens overlooking his kingdom. With 165 rooms and 127 acres of gardens, I think I could invite all of my friends to stay and still get lost on the property. What a dream that would be!

The castle has quite an interesting past. In 1865 George Hearst, father to William Randolph Hearst, purchased the 40,000 acres of ranch land. By 1919, the property had grow to 250,000 acres. William Randolph inherited the sizable chunk of land and had a dream of turning it into a retreat called “La Cuesta Encantada” aka “Enchanted Hill.” William hired a female architect from San Francisco named Julia Morgan to make his dream come true and by 1947, Hearst had his castle in the sky. His “little something” turned into a palace with a giant wine cellar, indoor and outdoor pools, an airfield, tennis courts, a wine cellar, and even a zoo. Nothing was too grand for Mr. Hearst and together with Ms Morgan, they built my dream home.

Through the years, the castle played host to a bunch of Hollywood stars, important politicians, and other interesting folks. Film star Marion Davies was Hearst’s girlfriend and muse. Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw, Calvin Coolidge, Howard Hughes and Charles Lindberg were some of the significant figures who stayed in the many rooms. Charlie Chaplin, Joan Crawford, Errol Flynn, Greta Garbo, and Cary Grant were just a few of the Hollywood players who were invited to play. I imagine Hearst’s lavish parties were filled with endless champagne, loud music, and everyone in their best finery. It is quite a shame those days are over for the castle. After all, this palace looks like it was built for having a good time, and then recovering the next day.

Hearst Castle

750 Hearst Castle Road

San Simeon, CA 93452


9 Am – Sunset Daily


Here are my shots from the trip.. This girl can dream.

IMG_3291IMG_7440 IMG_7462 IMG_7464 IMG_7466 IMG_7468 IMG_7469 IMG_7476 IMG_7486 IMG_7502
IMG_7506 IMG_7514 IMG_7520 IMG_7522 IMG_7527 IMG_7529 IMG_7530 IMG_7532 IMG_7536 IMG_7542
IMG_7549 IMG_7551 IMG_7555 IMG_7557 IMG_7567 IMG_7582 IMG_7583 IMG_7587 IMG_7591 IMG_3302IMG_3323IMG_3333IMG_3340IMG_3341IMG_7603


Today the junk haus Bought – Vintage Pepsi and Coke Crates

Days when I don’t have meetings or anything pressing on the calendar, I like to get out and go exploring. Whether I am on foot or on four wheels, I find it necessary to get up and get out somewhere new. Today, my ride started with a trip to the next town over to go to the bank. Then I decided to hit up some thrift shops, and drive up to Paso Robles to see what I might find. Down on the main drag, Spring St, I stumbled across this amazing antique shop filled with a ton of different vendors. Most of the prices were cheap to reasonable which is surprising for antique shops in this area. These were my two finds. The first was a pair of vintage Pepsi and Coca-Cola crates. They would make great planters for herbs to put in the kitchen or on a back porch. The other gems were a pair of pink, blue and white bowling pins. It is fun to add quirky gems like this to a house. They are unique conversation starters. This two story shop was filled with other goodies, so if you happen to be in Paso, I suggest you check it out. After I thoroughly perused their inventory, I decided it would be a good idea to take Vine Street, aka Highway 46, aka Vineyard Alley over to Cambria and drive down the coast. After all, no exploration is complete without a great landscape panoramic shot.

Great American Antiques Mall

1305 Spring St

Paso Robles, CA 93446


Mon – Sun 10 Am – 5 Pm

IMG_7041 IMG_7045IMG_7059photo


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